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Czech Glass Flowers

Czech glass flowers hand made in the Czech Republic are now online. Do you like beautifull czech glass flowers?

Handcrafted art is here for you.

Czech glass flowers are handcrafted from metalurgical glass and are made by old tradition technology.

Czech glass flowers from AA CZECH G LASS.COM are made in all diferent colours and they can be made by your wishes.

Flower is made as glass leaves on wire, composed in flower motif or as whole flower.

Czech glass flowers from AA CZECH G LASS.COM are the best buy.

Crystal chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers hand made in the Czech Republic are now online. Do you like beautifull  crystal chandeliers?

Chandelier for you into your interior. Crystal chandelier ideal for yours needs, it is in the Czech Republic hand made chandelier.

Chandeliers and lamps are made from cut lead crystal as modern art or antique lamps and chandeliers.

Chandelier from AA CZECH G LASS.COM is the best buy.

We wish you pleasant experiences with AA CZECH G LASS.COM's glass products.


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AA CZECH G LASS.COM is Czech virtual e-store selling world-famous hand made Czech g lass.

The owner of  the AA CZECH G LASS.COM is the trade firm CIPERA started in January 1992 and its headquarters is in Pardubice (60 miles from capital Prague) in the Czech Republic(Europe).

The owners of firm a married couple Mrs. Vera Cipera and Mr. Dipl. Ing. Zdenek Cipera.

The offer of AA CZECH G LASS.COM is very wide from historical motifs till up a modern art g lass and is by the result of art and high profesionality of Czech glassmakers, whose handicraft is handed over from generation to generation.

AA CZECH G LASS.COM offers more than 1000 items of utility, decorative and art g lass  hand made in more than 10 g lass works. Our products are sorted into 19 department (page "Products" or "Home") from small g lass figures till up big g lass and crysta l chandel iers.

Orders of products are processed on secure server (SSL technology) with certificate VeriSign and Thawte. AA CZECH G LASS.COM owns a certificate of the certificate authority THAWTE (a Verisign company).

Thank you for your visit in our e-store and have much pleasant experiences.

                                                                                         Dipl. Ing. Zdenek Cipera

Our products for your light and for your pleasure.



Though, the birth of g lass production goes back in the region of the Lusatia Mountains in Bohemia (Czech Republic-Middle Europe) to the 13th century, the fundamental of local tradition resides in the refining of g lass products and their exportation abroad from half of the 17th century.


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